How To Dissolve The Inner Critic And Become Your Own Best Friend

How To Dissolve The Inner Critic And Become Your Own Best Friend

There I was sopping wet, staring at myself in the mirror as the tears ran down my cheeks. I'll never forget that night.I remember like it happened yesterday. I shot straight up from relaxing in the bath as the epiphany hit me. I realized that I'd lived my entire life up until that point, in 2015, not believing in myself. I sat there sobbing feeling so sad that for all these years I didn't have the support from the person I needed it from the most- me!

If you've ever felt this way, you are in the right place. 

Studies state that 95% of the time your subconscious mind is running the show, so if your subconscious is not aligned with your conscious mind, real chaos can occur. Beware the inner critic, the internal voice that destroys self esteem. This is why it is imperative to consciously become aware of and identify your internal dialogue loops, then you can understand what beliefs need rewiring.

I want you to imagine for a moment you have a friend that sits there and talks to you the way the inner critic talks to you? Judging, disliking, nagging, criticizing, and shaming. You probably wouldn't be friends with that person, right? So let’s flip the script and get to dissolving the inner critic.

Using affirmations even if you don't believe in them right now, doesn't matter, because you are working on the subconscious mind and it will pick the affirmations up. It can be challenging at first because you are literally making new neural pathways to now think differently, which leads to feeling different, which leads to being different. So be persistent, patient and watch the magic happen. 

Here are 7 examples of negative thoughts turned into positive affirmations. When you recite them, really tap into feeling the words as though it is already here in the present aka fake it until you make it.


1. I’m ugly                      

-I am taking the necessary steps each day to allow my natural beauty to thrive 

-I am learning to love myself and see that all parts of myself are beautiful


2. I am not good enough

- I am good enough exactly as I am now

- I am better than good enough! I am great!


3.There is never enough money for me 

-The more I love money the more it loves me, and the more I receive!

-I am a money magnet


4. I don’t deserve love

-I forgive the past and people that made me feel unloveable

-Love is my birthright. I am worthy of love


5. I am a failure

- I have infinite potential!

- My past failures are stepping stones that have prepared me for great success!


6. I don’t feel safe

-I am learning that my body is a safe place

-I am learning to trust the world & the people around me


7.I am not ready for...

-I am capable of accomplishing anything I dedicate my time and action toward

-I am ready!

Say the affirmation in the mirror. Repeat it 3-4 times. What comes up for you? Probably that pesky inner critic trying to drag you back into the old negative pattern.

It's ok! We all feel this way: disbelief, despair, fear, etc…it’s so human, and! It doesn't stop time from passing you by. Say to yourself “I am ready to release the belief that…” What comes up for you now? Notice what's blocking you from enjoying your life.

I pulled myself together to get out of the bath and walked over to the mirror. As I saw my bloodshot eyes from crying, I looked straight at my reflection and declared that from that very moment forward there was no more wasting time. I made a vow that I would believe in myself no matter what- in my voice, abilities, intelligence, beauty, confidence, power and dreams. Believe, believe, believe. From that moment on, I never looked back.

Take the vow that it’s time to live your best life.

Naga Rising

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